Thursday, January 18, 2018

"WoMan Of Courage" Art Prize 2010

This work of art has a very long story to it. The concept and the composition came about in my mind while I was visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009.  I created this piece for the Grand Rapids Art Prize competition in 2010.
 I  was going thru some difficulties in my life and wanted to express them through a work of art.  I thought that I could help be a mouth-peice for the injustice and harm that comes to females throughout  the world. Although it may be a small contribution to the big picture I had alot of responses to my art. When you look closely at the art you will see small messages and stories the women are telling. The overall big picture when you see this is Beauty. Strength, Courage & Community.   I come to bring women of all colors and locations together to stand for our positions in the world and to stay strong as we unit.