Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Meaning of Embrace

“ Embrace” is a personal reflection of the myriad of distractions which take precedence over a woman’s life. The yearning for harmony, coupled with a woman’s compassionate nature often lead us to neglect our needs as we tend to the needs of others. This personal neglect comes at a cost, leaving us alone and battered by our kindness. Women’s innate capacity to create and sustain life predisposes us to protect and nurture others. “Embrace” reminds us to nurture our bodies our creativity and our souls. This act of replenishing enhances our loving caring nature.
        My life’s journey compelled me to create Embrace as a reminder to embrace my own soul. For too long, I neglected to shower equal measures of attention on myself leaving my body exhausted, my spirit depleted, and my mind in a state of confusion. Embrace reminds me that loving myself is an unselfish act which creates balance and sustains and restores my soul. Women of all cultures and status understand the pain and brutality life imposes on our gentle spirit. Our world will flourish when it embraces all woman and when we also learn to embrace ourselves.