Friday, April 6, 2018


Think about the outside of your house. 
Dress it up with some hand painted shutters.  Here is a job I did in Whitehall Mi. on White Lake.  Each shutter is a match and everyone is an original painting! Then the shutters are varnished several times to preserve that image.

Call me to set up a consultation for your home today!!  Sharon Smithem

Monday, March 19, 2018

Micro Lighthouse Paintings

Micro Paintings on Tiles 
Each tiny painting is created on a domino.  The paintings are carefully and intricately painted by hand.  The frames are handmade from yellow pine. 
South Manitou Island
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Straits of Mackinac
Little Sable Point Light
Charlevoix Light
Muskegon Lighthouse

    size: 4x4 framed         price: $48 each + shipping

Cafe Sante' Boyne City - Painting Party

 A lovely Sunday afternoon in March
  Cafe Sante' in Boyne City, Mi.

 Excellent paintings 

  Can you believe that they never painted before?
Must be one great teacher!!         Great Class, Well done

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Your Favorite Artist !

Hangin out in Lewiston, Michigan at my Uncle Harry's cottage for a family reunion

Orange Sunflower

Painting in Oils,  Vibrant , textured - size 24"x36"   $1700  SOLD

Pink Poppies

Painting in Oils  16"x20"  $550

Vibrant Blue Morning Glory

Painting in Oils,  size 16"x20"   $550

"WoMan Of Courage" Art Prize 2010

This work of art has a very long story to it. The concept and the composition came about in my mind while I was visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009.  I created this piece for the Grand Rapids Art Prize competition in 2010.
 I  was going thru some difficulties in my life and wanted to express them through a work of art.  I thought that I could help be a mouth-peice for the injustice and harm that comes to females throughout  the world. Although it may be a small contribution to the big picture I had alot of responses to my art. When you look closely at the art you will see small messages and stories the women are telling. The overall big picture when you see this is Beauty. Strength, Courage & Community.   I come to bring women of all colors and locations together to stand for our positions in the world and to stay strong as we unit.

Stained-Glass Window

This stained glass window was made for a client that just lost her husband. They used to walk on the beach and if you look in the bottom photo you will see actual pebbles that he had picked up and saved, they walked along the shores of Lake Michigan together and this represents that for the widower. The piece is 36" in diameter, with shades  blues for the skies and water and tan for the sand with a band of sunset pink on the horizon.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Mosaic Glass custom made for Tamarac Health Center- Spectrum Health Hospital- Fremont Michigan 
Design and intricately made from hand cut glass, this oak tree twisting and turning up into the painted portion of the curved wall at the Tamarac Health Center.  Adorned are copper leaves each engraved with the names of  donors that contributied to this beautiful facility.  Sharon Smithem signature at bottom right etched in glass.